Central Penn Endo with Drs. Jason Devey and Brett Cole in Camp Hill, PA
We specialize in endodontic procedures including; Root canal therapy, Root canal retreatment, and Apicoectomy.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

At Central Penn Endodontics your comfort is our priority. We specialize in root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, apicoectomy, trauma to the teeth, and differential diagnosis of orofacial pain. Because our practice is dedicated exclusively to performing endodontic therapy, our skilled and compassionate team is focused on making your visit thorough and painless.

The key to our success is our experienced staff. From the moment you call for an appointment or enter our "living room-like" reception area, you are immediately put at ease by the warm, caring tone of our staff. Each is committed to exceeding your expectations. If you are in pain, we coordinate with your referring dental office to appoint you for that same day. Our compassionate staff works hard to deliver a comfortable experience. Even though you won't be in our office long, you will likely encounter other satisfied patients and enjoy the light-hearted banter of our staff.

At Central Penn Endodontics, our goal is the preservation of your natural tooth instead of extraction and replacement with an implant. A recent exhaustive comparison of these two treatment options - root canals or dental implants - found virtually equal success between these treatments. If you are unsure of the way in which to treat your compromised tooth, the choice is clear: root canal therapy allows you to keep what nature has given you. Even in cases where "old" root canal therapy has failed and extraction is recommended, we recommend an evaluation in our office because the majority of these teeth can be saved through endodontic retreatment.

Because of their general dentistry backgrounds, Dr. Devey and Dr. Cole are comfortable working closely with your dentist to provide the best approach for a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition, we base our treatment recommendation on your dental needs, not on your dental insurance coverage.

Central Penn Endodontics has served south central PA for nearly 30 years. We've earned the trust and confidence of our referring dentists and our patients, and we take great pride in hearing a patient leaving our office saying, "That was the best dental appointment I've ever had." We can provide that same experience for you.