Central Penn Endo with Drs. Jason Devey and Brett Cole in Camp Hill, PA


Broken and Chipped Tooth

Remove the fractured piece to prevent choking and don't chew on anything hard. Call your dentist immediately. Some teeth can be filled. More severe cases may need to be crowned. If the tooth has broken into the nerve the tooth will need Root Canal Therapy and a crown, or it will need to be extracted.

Learn more about cracked teeth at the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) web site.

Tooth Knocked Out

Handle tooth carefully, not touching the root. Do not wipe the tooth clean. Replace tooth in socket immediately, or place in a glass of milk, if possible. If milk is not available, use a cup of water with a pinch of salt. See an endodontist or dentist immediately. Sometimes, if the tooth is placed back in its socket soon enough, the tooth can be saved. Time is critical in this situation!


Learn How to Save a Knocked-Out Tooth at the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) web site.